Monday, 19 September 2011

Tutorial: Guide to painting Ultramarines

I've been working feverishly to get this combat squad done in time for todays post, and mission accomplished! You can see the fruits of my labour to the left.

As promised, I decided to take this oppurtunity to give everyone the recipe for painting my Ultras incase anyone is interested, or merely wants the recipe for a single colour. That's the beauty of the hobby, mixing and matching to get a style that ties together as your own. Remember to thin your paints to the consistancy of milk. Basecoats generally require 2 layers as well.

Blue Armour
  1. Basecoat 1:1 mix Regal Blue/Ultramarines Blue
  2. Apply Badab Black Wash in the recesses
  3. Highlight pure Ultramarines Blue
  4. Extreme Highlight 1:1 mix Ultramarines Blue/Space Wolves Grey
Gold Aquila/Shoulder Trims
  1. Bascoat Shining Gold
  2. Liberally wash with Badab Black
  3. Highlight 1:1 mix Shining Gold/Mithril Silver
  1. Basecoat Boltgun Metal
  2. Liberally wash with Badab Black
  3. Recoat with Chainmail, leaving the recesses (Note: To get a dirtier look, only apply this as a highlight)
  4. Highlight/Extreme Highlight Mithril Silver
Black Boltgun Casing/Joins
  1. Basecoat 1:4 mix Rotting Flesh/Chaos Black
  2. Apply Badab Black Wash in the recesses
  3. Highlight 1:2 mix Rotting Flesh/Chaos Black
  4. Extreme Highlight 3:4 Rotting Flesh/Chaos Black
  5. Liberally wash with Badab Black to tie in all the highlights
  1. Basecoat Deneb Stone
  2. Highlight 1:1 mix Deneb Stone/Skull White (Note: For small decals such as chapter symbols and squad symbols, I find it it looks better to recoat with this colour, starting with highlighting)
  3. Extreme Highlight Skull White
    Red (Armour)
    1. Basecoat Mechrite Red
    2. Apply Devlan Mud Wash in the recesses
    3. Highlight Blood Red
    4. Extreme Highlight Blazing Orange
    Purity Seals
    1. Basecoat the wax seal Mechrite Red
    2. Liberally wash with Devlan Mud
    3. Recoat with Blood Red, leaving the recesses
    4. Highlight/Extreme Highlight with 1:1 mix Blood Red/Bleached Bone
    5. Basecoat the cloth part of the seal 1:1 mix Vermin Brown/Bleached Bone
    6. Recoat with Bleached Bone, leaving the recessed
    7. Highlight Skull White
    8. Use watered down Chaos Black to add "writing" (or, as I like to call them, squiggly lines)
    Leather Pouches
    1. Basecoat Bestial Brown
    2. Recoat with 1:1 mix Vermin Brown/Bleached Bone (Note: This will look incredibly bright and non-leathery... have no fear, we shall fix that!)
    3. Wash liberally with roughly 3 coats of Badab Black (or as many as it takes to give it that tanned, leathery look)
    4. Highlight Vermin Brown

    There are a couple of other recipes I used, noteably for the eyes and the meltagun burn effect. The eyes are the same as in the "Painting Space Marines" book, which is pretty much the same as this tutorial, replacing Bad Moons Yellow with Blazing Orange.

    As for the Meltagun burn effect, I used the tutorial given over at another Blogspot... errr, blog, Blotguns, Bashers and Brushes, and can be found here.

    Monday, 12 September 2011

    Warriors of Macragge

    Whilst we're on the subject of Space Marines, I recently took the decision to restart my Ultramarine army.

    The picture shown is my current focus. The first combat squad of the Second Company's Second Tactical Squad, Manorian. I decided to model each squad based on the descriptions in the Space Marine Codex (5th Edition specifically). Squad Manorian's description is as follows:

    "Boasting many experienced and honoured warriors, Squad Manorian leads the vanguard of both Company and Chapter-level assaults."

    With this in mind, I decided to paint the squad in an advancing position. Many of them use the basic legs from the Assault Squad set (with the exception of the sergant, and the Marine on the left, which was an experiment with different sets of legs hacked apart and green stuffed back together.

    I am currently working on painting the arms and the squad will be complete. A couple of extra details (including the Ultramarines symbol) below.

    Sergant's purity seals

      Ultramarine insignia

    Once I've got the combat squad done, I will post up my recipes for my painting methods. Until then, Courage and Honour brothers!

    Review: Space Marine!

    I quite possibly would have gotten more painting done in the last week, if it was not for Space Marine being released. So I figured I would give a brief summary of my thoughts on the game if you were looking to buy it and not done so as of yet:

    The Good
    • Easy to use controls.
    • Gripping story.
    • Plenty of action and shooting stuff that never stops being fun.
    • Excellent multiplayer, especially where customisation is concerned.
    • Plenty of fluff-related bits, in both single and multiplayer, for fans of the setting to sink their teeth into.
    • Not too hard, not too difficult.
    • The Thunder Hammer is amazing. 

    The Bad
    • Not much for Non-40k fans/followers.
    • Some bits of the single player campaign can really slow down the flow of the game.
    • Yes, we get it Orks, we're a SPACE MARINE, please stop reiterating it!

    Brilliant game, well worth the money you pay for it. I definitely recommend buying this game, unless you're not a 40k fan or someone who doesn't collect the miniatures, in which case I recommend renting it first. It's fast, furious and despite what you may have heard, the game isn't a Gears of War rip off and feels like a completely different game (possibly because you can't take cover in this and the close quarters combat has a different flow).

    Monday, 5 September 2011

    And so it begins once more...

    I hate first posts, so I will jump straight into the deep end here. My name is Darren, also known online as A17roolz or Steampunk Viking, and I have been collecting Warhammer miniatures and playing the wargame for roughly 14 years on and off. As of this moment I am purely a Warhammer 40k collector and player, but hope to expand into Warhammer Fantasy sometime in the future.

    As I have stated already, I have been playing and painting on and off for 14 years, and have recently caught the modelling fever once more. As it stands, I have a roughly 1,700 point Necron Army and an oh-so-large collection of Ultramarines, many of which were painted during my younger years and are of pretty poor standard. I decided to start a blog to share my experiences of the hobby, to share my methods and to hopefully keep myself motivated in this fascinating past time.

    I will attempt to update this blog every week on a Monday with my progress, any tutorials I may have to help you if you're struggling with anything, as well as any battle reports I may have to share.

    Oh, and if you're wondering, the picture is of my Necron army (well, the painted part anyhow). Just thought I would give everyone something pretty to look at in my first post!